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Tempting and diverse: The biggest choice of packaging at the 10th International Packaging Trade Fair - Packaging Innovations in Warsaw, Poland


Attractive, natural and smart – does this combination seem ideal? At the 10th International Packaging Trade Fair – Packaging Innovations these elements will be combined in a whole, thanks to interesting lectures and presentations on trends in the packaging industry. The programme that will accompany the jubilee edition of the Fair looks set to be a very attractive event.  There will also be product novelties presented by more than 200 exhibitors from Poland and abroad, among others, RPC Bramlage Division, Jokey Plastik or Metsa Bord. The Packaging Innovations Fair will be held on 17-18 April 2018 in EXPO XXI Warszawa, Poland.

It should be eye-catching and imagination-stimulating – the designers pay special attention to packaging’s appearance and interesting form. Packaging designs can frequently determine whether a customer purchases a given product or would rather take something that draws their attention more on the shelf. During the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair, exhibitors will be presenting technological and design trends. Multifol Sp. z o.o will show holographic varnishing – an innovative method consisting in impressing the UV varnish through a special holographic foil. This can make packaging look exceptionally luxurious. In turn, S-druk Printing House will present technologies to get a selected opalescent effect in UV offset technology. This exceptional technology has not been used in the world so far!

The eco-trend that currently prevails in many sectors of the economy, is also visible in the packaging industry. One of the 7 themed zones at the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair – the EKOPACK zone – will make it possible for the exhibitor to present, among others, packaging subject to recycling. There will also be packaging made of natural raw materials – Polpak Packaging will show packaging and covers with elements of natural wood.

Exhibitors at the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair will surprise visitors with their technological innovations. PC Print is going to present TRUSTCONCEPT® – a combination of optical elements with mobile access to data. Combining the TRUSTSEAL® technology and TRUSTCODE® software will enable a product will stand out from others. What is more, thanks to this method, a customer may be sure that the purchased product is original.

During the 10th edition of the Packaging Innovations Trade Fair there will also be plenty of other interesting services and products to see, intended for more than a dozen sectors of the economy. It is the introduction of innovative solutions that makes an interestingly packaged product more attractive for customers. During the Trade Fair, exhibitors will present many trade trends and products tailored to more than a dozen branches of economy; including, among others, the food industry, logistics, pharmaceuticals, chemicals and promotional sectors.

We would like to invite you to review the latest in intriguing and original packaging on 17-18 April 2018 for EXPO XXI Warsaw in Poland. Packaging Innovations Trade Fair is the biggest trade event in Central and Eastern Europe.
Electronic tickets may be downloaded after free on-line registration, on the Trade Fair’s web page.

More information at: www.packaginginnovations.pl